Digital Character Actor Technology

Actor MachineTM is pioneering the field of ADA (Autonomous Digital Actors) by developing technologies that allow the creation and directing of emotive digital actors that can be used in linear animation (film/pre-visualization), games, virtual worlds, simulations or live (real time) performances.

Using Actor MachineTM Technology, animators takes on the role of an acting coach. In fact, Actor CoachTM is the name of the Actor MachineTM software product used to train digital actors.

Once properly trained, an ADA will be able to take direction interactively from a non-animator, to play many different scenes while effectively conveying changing nuances of mood, personality and intention. This separates the highly specialized skills of an animator from the higher level planning of how an actor performs a scene (by a human director or game AI)

The future of computer games and animated films is not in spaceships or dragons or laser death rays, but rather in the mysteries of the human heart. (Read More...)

Our technology products are completely modular, starting with our procedural path planer, Blocking MachineTM, which is of immediate use to animators creating linear assets through our Actor Machine Core EngineTM which can be integrated into your game. (Read More...)


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