The Actor Machine Team

Gerry Seidman, CEO

Gerry Seidman has been developing software products across a wide range of industries throughout his extensive carreer. In his early twenties, he got the taste for developing new software products as lead software architect for a robotics product line distributed by Union Carbide. From there he moved to a startup engineering graphics/CAD company where he learned the business side of starting up a new software company. In 1995, he founded IAM Consulting, one of the first Java Training and Consulting companies. Prior to Actor Machine, he was CEO of Internet Access Methods, a software company specializing in Real-Time Interactive technologies, Collaborative User Interfaces and Distance Presentation. In addition to his expertise in more traditional mainstream technologies, he is a well-respected expert in distributed dynamic systems and next generation P2P technologies. He has also consulted with many companies in the design, development, and marketing/planning of new products, including a highly distributed/reliable custom clustered server product in the telecom industry that scales up to ten billion messages/day. He is one of the rare folks who have strong analytic/mathematical and software/technology skills as well as being skilled in running a business.

Ken Perlin, Chief Technology Advisor

Ken Perlin is one of the most respected people in the field of computer graphics for his work both in industry and academia. His work goes back to when he started at Mathematical Applications Group from 1979-1984 where he worked on his first feature film, TRON, pioneering the field of Computer Graphics in the film industry. From 1984-1987 he was Head of Software Development at R/GREENBERG Associates. Ken Perlin is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at NYU. He was founding director of the Media Research Laboratory and also directed the NYU Center for Advanced Technology from 1994-2004. His academic research includes work in graphics, animation, user interfaces, science education and multimedia. His invention of "Perlin Noise" in the 1985 has become a standard that is used in both computer graphics and movement. In 1997 he won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his noise and turbulence procedural texturing techniques, which are widely used in feature films and television. In 2006 he also received the TrapCode award for achievement in computer graphics research as well as numerous other awards and honors.

Rob O'Neill, Senior Animation Technologist

Rob O'Neill is an artist, programmer and researcher working at the intersection of art and science. He holds an undergraduate degree in anthropology from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York where he focused on anatomy and biological anthropology. Rob holds an MFA from Parsons School of Design in Design and Technology with a focus on visualization. Previous professional experience include: researcher in Cultural Resources in the Division of Anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History; Production Fellow at Eyebeam; Character Technical Director at PDI/Dreamworks on 'Shrek 4d', 'Shrek 2' and 'Madagascar'; Character and Research Technical Director at Charlex/Launch; and Studio Technical Director at Eyebeam. Rob's work has been shown in collaboration with Kidrobot at Visionaire Gallery and most recently as part of the Exit Art 'Studio Visit' show. Current research threads include: character technology initiatives, animation technologies for scientific inquiry (and sci-art collaborations), and open-source software for animation production. Rob also is the author of the textbook Digital Character Development: Theory and Practice (Fall 2008)

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